The Rosina Nanayakkara Charitable Trust Fund (RNCTF) is a service oriented charity set up in Sri Lanka to continue the loving and humble services of the late Rosina Nanayakkara. Her simple way of life and selfless love and care for the poor, the needy, and the voiceless inspired us, her immediate family, colleagues and close friends to set up the RNCTF to honour her legacy and continue her work. The Trust was established in 2011, under the provisions of the Trusts Ordinance of Sri Lanka No. 9 of 1917.[learn more...]


Rosina Nanayakkara (1943 – 2011), fondly known to many as Sister Rosina, strove in her lifetime to lead a simple Christ-like life and dedicated all her mental, spiritual and physical resources in the services of those who needed them the most. Her life was one of purity, humility and integrity. The impact Rosina has had on all those around her is to carry on the services she rendered to Sri Lanka in educating the young and being of service to others, especially the voiceless. [learn more...]


The RNCTF was created to assist needy students with their educational needs and improve the quality of life of special needs children and adults. The Trust will serve needy and deserving students between the ages of 5 and 21 with education and related expenses. The Trust will raise public awareness of special needs persons’ quality of life issues and also assist institutions that care for these individuals. In keeping with Rosina’s universal approach to service, the Trust will serve all Sri Lankans who meet its mandate.[learn more...]