Current & Future Projects

Current & Future Projects

The Trust remains committed to our two overarching objectives - improving the quality of life for special needs individuals in Sri Lanka and providing financial assistance to needy children. Several projects, that we've been involved from the inception of the Trust continue to this date, highlighting our commitment and track record.

The sustainability of the Trust, financial, operational and inspirational are also an increasingly important objectives as we look to the next decade and beyond. Some specific projects include:

  • Continue scholarships to existing recipients through 2021

  • Secure additional funding to ensure sustainability of the scholarship program

  • Use virtual forums and platforms to raise awareness about SNs and engage with families, especially new parents with SNs

  • Once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes, resume SN training camps

  • Continue to engage with youth who were inspired by Rosina and seek ways to continue her legacy

  • Focus on ensuring the sustainability of the Trust by attracting younger leaders to serve as trustees and volunteers