Who We Are

About Us

The legacy left behind by Rosina Nanayakkara of loving and humble service to the poor, the needy and the voiceless inspired us, her immediate family, colleagues and close friends to continue Rosina Nanayakkara's vision and services. The Rosina Nanayakkara Charitable Trust Fund (RNTCF) was set up as the medium through which our work would be carried out.

The Trust was set up in Sri Lanka on December 29, 2011 under the provisions of the Trusts Ordinance No. 9 of 1917 for purposes which include the following:

Our Mission

Assist and empower the disadvantaged and the voiceless so that society recognizes and treats them with the love and respect they deserve.

Rosina Nanayakkara’s love and care for others was universal. She did not discriminate by race, religion, or belief, and was respectful of all religions. The Trust will continue this philosophy of serving all Sri Lankans that meet our mandate.

Our Mandate

Rosina Nanayakkara dedicated all her mental, spiritual and physical resources to the service of those who needed them. The impact she has had on all those around her prompted us to define our mandate to carry on to the best of our own ability the service she rendered to Sri Lankans in educating the young and being of service to others, especially to the voiceless.

Our Objectives

The Trust was created for the following purposes:

01. To provide financial assistance for needy Sri Lankan students with their education and related expenses:

  • to assist the 2004 Tsunami orphans till the male students reach 19 years of age and the female students complete their tertiary education;

  • to assist any needy deserving Sri Lankan students between 5 and 21 years of age;

  • to carry out a social media campaign to educate and counsel the beneficiaries of the Trust Fund and their parents and caretakers about the importance of appropriate usage of the resources made available to them through the Trust Fund.

02. To provide financial assistance to identified institutions that house young mentally challenged individuals with special needs:

  • to assist in the day to day management of the residential cottages for the young mentally challenged special needs individuals;

  • to carry out social media campaigns to raise awareness about the cause of the young mentally challenged individuals with special needs in Sri Lanka and to educate and offer counseling to the parents and other caretakers of these individuals with special needs.

Our Trustees

Each and everyone one of us knew Rosina on a personal level - As family, as a student or colleague at Sacred Heart Convent Galle or as someone who admired her. We all serve on the trust on a voluntary basis.

Our current Board of Trustees:

  • Ethel Indrani Nanayakkara – Chairperson

  • Nirmala Agnes Claudina Liyanage – Accounts and Finances

  • Meriam Anushani Welikala Bibile

  • Indika Joy Rankothge

  • Ruvani Nanayakkara

  • Jayani Abeydeera

  • Jinadasa Rankothge

  • Manjula Dissanayake

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Click here to contact our trustees with any queries, suggestions or comments you may have.

Governance and Control

Rosina Nanayakkara maintained the highest levels of integrity and honesty in all financial transactions. The Trust and its Trustees commit to following her example and upholding the highest level of transparency in its dealings.

In keeping with its commitment, in addition to having the Trust accounts audited by a certified accountant, the trust will be publishing an annual report detailing Trust activities including, but not limited to; total amount of donations, income from investment activities, disbursements to beneficiaries, administrative expenses and other approved expenses.

Contact us to get more information about our policies, procedures and annual accounts

The Trust policy with respect to donations is as follows:

We suggest all donors request an official receipt when making a contribution to any of our Trustees. If a donor was issued a temporary receipt, the Trustee who issued the receipt is required to notify the Treasurer or the Chairperson of the donation. The Trustee is then required to within 2 days (donations made in Sri Lanka) or within one month (donations made internationally) of receiving the donation, deposit the same into the Trust Fund Account.

When the funds are deposited into the Trust Fund Account or if a donation was made by way of a direct deposit to the Account, the Treasurer or a person appointed by the Trustees must issue an official receipt directly to the donor.

If you have made a donation and not yet received an official receipt click here to directly contact our President or Chairperson. You can also fill the form on our Get Involved page to submit your queries regarding any donations made.