Governance & Controls

Governance and Control

Rosina Nanayakkara maintained the highest levels of integrity and honesty in all financial transactions. The Trust and its Trustees commit to following her example and upholding the highest level of transparency in its dealings.

In keeping with its commitment, in addition to having the Trust accounts audited by a certified accountant, the trust will be publishing an annual report detailing Trust activities including, but not limited to; total amount of donations, income from investment activities, disbursements to beneficiaries, administrative expenses and other approved expenses.

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The Trust policy with respect to donations is as follows:

We suggest all donors request an official receipt when making a contribution to any of our Trustees. If a donor was issued a temporary receipt, the Trustee who issued the receipt is required to notify the Treasurer or the Chairperson of the donation. The Trustee is then required to within 2 days (donations made in Sri Lanka) or within one month (donations made internationally) of receiving the donation, deposit the same into the Trust Fund Account.

When the funds are deposited into the Trust Fund Account or if a donation was made by way of a direct deposit to the Account, the Treasurer or a person appointed by the Trustees must issue an official receipt directly to the donor.

If you have made a donation and not yet received an official receipt click here to directly contact our President or Chairperson. You can also fill the form on our Get Involved page to submit your queries regarding any donations made.