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Reverend Sister Rosina Nanayakkara - Keshara De Silva

A kind and gentle-hearted teacher - Keshini De Silva

Gentle yet iron-willed principal who gave us lot more than a sound education - Wathsala De Silva

The Sister who was a second Mother to our daughters - Sarath Dias

You never stopped teaching - Shiroma Epa **

Rev. Sr. Rosina: A Tribute - Kalith Nanayakkara and Renushi Ubeyratne

A respected Principal - Dewmini Siritunga **

Ode to Our Sr. Principal - Unknown **

A tribute to Late Rev. Sr. Rosina Nanayakkara (video) - Vinidu Vithanawasam

(facebook group)Rosina Nanayakkara Charitable Trust Fund (facebook page)

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